Tehran, April 27, (Rajanews). Iran’s Parliament Research Center disclosed the identities of the most influential Americans and research institutes that play critical roles in shaping U.S. sanction policies against Iran.   

These centers from which the anti-Iran ideas emanate include research institutes, the Israeli lobby, the corporate and Zionist mass media, Congresspersons and the architects of sanction stratagems in the congress and administration. 

The background and earlier views of some of the hostile presidential advisors and officials in both the Bush and Obama Administrations were cited in the first and second parts of this report. The third part presents the views of the most prominent architects of the 111th U.S. Congress who drafted and ratified the stringent sanctions against Iran.   

The composition of the primary draft of resolutions to impose additional sanctions against Iran, under the AIPAC influence over Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Christopher Dodd, is an example of different lobbies’ coordination and collaboration against Iran.  

Using ‘human rights’ issues as a tool, Congress lobbies have allocated a considerable amount of money in recent years

to meddle in the internal affairs of Iran. In the US political system, there is a special coordination between different parts of the policy-making organs to influence Iran’s domestic political developments.